Underlying FUJITAKA's quality are the skills of our many workers cultivated over the past 100 years. Each of them is devoted to Imabari towels and takes pride in their own part of the manufacturing process.

1.The cotton:We chose raw materials suitable for making the yarn

"Sometimes to make something really good, we plan exclusive yarns.
For example, we found a really good, hand-picked cotton in India for the F100 towels"

2.Dyeing:We mix the dye to color the yarn.

"And the biggest challenge? Even with the same dye, a small difference can cause the color to change.
It's delicate work - even a change in water quality or temperature can change the color."

3.Warping:Preparing the yarn for weaving

“This work involves winding the yarn to meet the design specifications.
It is quite skilled, as the winding methods differ completely depending on variations in the yarn and the pattern.
Experience is vital to be able to wind quickly and evenly."

4.Weaving:Working the looms and weaving the towels

"I've been weaving towels for decades,
but even with the same type of towel you need to make adjustments each time you weave.
Honestly, towels are just like troublesome kids."
“I would like to pass on these skills to the younger generation.”

5.Planning:Creating drafts and designing towels

"Here in the planning section, we all love making things.
The process of towel making is involved and complicated, but it's great to create things from ground zero."

6.Post-production rinsing:removing the glue and bringing out the texture

"It is interesting but difficult work, involving not just water but complex chemical processes too."
"In Imabari, we pride ourselves on carrying out the process with the cleanest water."

7.Sewing:sewing the towels and attaching the tags

"Sewing methods also vary slightly depending on the towel.
It tests my skills and powers of concentration, but I like the sense of achievement that sewing gives me."

8.Finishing touches:carefully folding the towels and packing them in their boxes

"We carry out the final part of the process and we take our responsibilities seriously!
We always remember to fold the towels and pack them in their boxes "carefully and neatly"
to make sure the person receiving them is happy."